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Transform your Bank Account while Transforming the World. 

It's hard to be a force for good and be free when your business is struggling.

We help you build your best business.

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Your purpose, your why will drive everything else. We help you get clarity around your purpose and build a business that operates from a place of inner peace and freedom.


Profit fuels your purpose.  Use Profit and Cash Flow strategies to help you build a financially strong and healthy business. If your business is not financially strong, you can't transform anything.


Growth and operational strategies based on your purpose will help your business be stronger and more sustainable, allowing you to fulfill your purpose and live in freedom.


Join with other purpose driven Entrepreneurs committed to elevating humanity and who understand that to transform the world, their business has to be profitable, strong and sustainable.

Join our Beta Business Success Jumpstart and B1 Membership Programs

Escape a business that sucks the life and money out of you.

Our goal is to help you build your best business, a business that works for you instead of you always working for the business.  A business that gives you freedom. 

Beta Business Success Jumpstart and B1 Membership Programs coming in May of 2021!

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Build your best business with the... 

B1 Business Success Jumpstart and Membership Program


B1 Business Success Jumpstart Includes:

This Jumpstart helps you gain clarity around your business and a path forward toward a highly profitable and sustainable business:

  • Business Alignment - The project will help the business owner gain more clarity on their “why”, their purpose and the business’ mission. This will help the business be in alignment – Your business runs better, and everything clicks and is on a roll when your business is aligned with your purpose.  Learn how important your “why” is to your business in attracting customers and building a team
  • Fix This Next Assessment to identify your business’ biggest problem/vital need and establish a plan to fix it. An understanding of the Business Hierarchy of Needs and how it enables you to identify where to focus your attention.
  • Profit Assessment – Profit First snapshot assessment, financial reports assessment and introduction to the Profit First cash flow methodology. Assistance with implementation of Profit First to ensure predictable and consistent profitability which will lead to a stronger financial position and the reduction of debt.
  • Sweet Spot review – Gain clarity around your most profitable customer niche and product/service offering for your business. The sweet spot is that place where you focus on offering the product/service that appeals to specifically to your ideal customers in an efficient and effective manner, so that you can profitably attract more of your identified ideal customers.  Avoid the Survival Trap - Understand the survival trap and how it stops your business from achieving its goals.

The program includes three 90 minutes sessions along with financial and business review and analysis by the Advisor and preparation work by the client. 

How will this Jumpstart improve your situation?

Business owners are faced with uncertain times and will be making decisions on how to improve their business (sales, cash flow, profitability, debt reduction) and what pivots need to be made.

Whether it be implementing profit and cash flow strategies, a sales strategy or a staffing strategy, success will be much greater when there is clarity and an understanding of key aspects of the business. 

This Business Success Jumpstart will give you the tools, strategies and clarity about your business and put you in a better position to make decisions and give you a path forward toward building a stronger business, a financially healthy and sustainable business. This program will also give us insights on how to best help you moving forward.

INVESTMENT - For 20 businesses during this Beta phase we are offering our Business Success Jumpstart and a free B1 Business Membership.  We expect to launch the membership program in May of 2021, but you can start the Business Success Jumpstart now.



B1 Business Membership Includes:
  • Regular membership calls and events to cover a topic or questions.  We are Profit First professionals, Pumpkin Plan strategists, and Fix This Next advisors. We use techniques from these programs and more to help your business. 

  • A supportive community on a private Facebook group for B1™ Members

  • Access to our library of videos and material for members centered around Purpose, Profit, and Growth

  • Access to The Pumpkin Plan Action Guide for training - video series of 10 growth lessons and over 40 tools to help you build your best business.  We will use these action guides to go into more depth on certain areas in our calls.

  • Special Pricing on any live group programs and retreats.  Yes, we plan to host events around the country.


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How do you build your best business?

The key is to spend more time working on your business. To be more intentional with your business and build Deep (see chart below) versus traditional build big thinking which is primarily sales driven. Obviously, every business needs sales to survive, but too often businesses just focus on sales as the solution to their problems. How many business owners have significantly increased their sales over a one to five year period only to discover they’re less happy, less profitable, or have less time - or all three? Too many. We help you develop a business that gives you more life and money.

Are you ready to build Deep?

Better Profits - Better Growth - Better World

How do I get started?

Get started by scheduling an intro call using the button below to see if our  B1™ Business Transformation Program or B1™ Business Membership is a fit for you.

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