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Coming Soon!!! Burnt-Out Business Owners Club

Community Support Through Private Facebook Group

Strategies & Insights to Help You & Your Business in a Time of Burn-Out

FUN!! Keep it Light.

Serious topics will be discussed, but we also believe laughter is great medicine!

Membership Benefits:

  • A community of people who relate to what you are going through.
  • Learn strategies to operate your business during these times to take the pressure off while improving profitability.
  • Access to private Facebook group.
  • Exit strategies for those deciding it's time to leave their business.
  • A once in a life time opportunity! With the plan to only run the program for six months, you will be one of the few people who can say they were a member of the Burnt-Out Business Owners Club. Your friends will be impressed, but that's not why you should join.
  • Members get first opportunity to participate in small group programs and retreats (yes, we want to go to the beach).*
*Not included in the membership fee - additional fees apply for small group programs and retreats.


Who is B1 Advisors?

Hello, my name is Ben Phipps. I’m a CPA, Entrepreneur and Business Coach (Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Profit First Professional & Fix This Next Advisor).  B1™ was to launch in 2020 to provide programs, retreats, workshops, etc. to help business owner build their best business with the premise that   

Better Business = Better World

As the pandemic has continued to affect us all in so many ways we never anticipated, we decided to postpone the launch of B1’s membership program and are focusing on what many of us are experiencing at this moment - BURN-OUT.

We believe when we live in freedom, we are able to live our purpose and the world is transformed. 

Since so much of a society’s activities are centered around careers and commerce, it is time to recognize the significant impact businesses can play in elevating humanity.

We can build a better world by building better businesses, with business owners living in freedom. 

The first step in helping business owners to live in freedom is to relieve the burn out so many of us experience.

I’m not just the President of the Burnt-Out Business Owners Club, I’m a member.

If you would like to enjoy your life and business more, and have fun -  then join now!

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The club will run for six months. Enough time to end burn-out. Then we will decide where to take it from there.


BOBO Club Membership fee is $295.

**Pre-launch early bird pricing $245**

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